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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the advantages of park home living?

2. How big are the homes?

3. Are park homes energy-efficient?

4. How long will they last?

5. Are they easy to look after?

6. How much do they cost?

7. Are there legal matters I should be aware of?

8. Can I use my Park Home as a second home?

9. Are there any conditions to moving onto a park?

10. How do I know the pitch fee won't rise unreasonably?

11. Why do Park Homes prices vary from park to park?

12. What does the park's selling price include on a new home?

13. Can I sell my home?

14. Can a Park Home be passed on in a Will?

15. What happens if things go wrong?



What are the advantages of park home living?

1. Financial - Park homes tend to be cheaper than brick-built properties of similar size.

2. Maintenance - Modern park homes are virtually maintenance-free.

3. Fully furnished - Park homes can be supplied fully furnished, fitted and equipped.

4. Simple gardening - Most park home gardens are fairly small and manageable.

5. Peace and quiet - As they are detached, single-storey residences, park home occupants enjoy a quiet and independent lifestyle.

6. Security - The park is an enclosed community where strangers are noticeable and may be challenged. Vandalism and break-ins are rare and some parks have their own surveillance and security systems.

7. Community spirit - Residents are usually of similar ages and circumstances, and friendships are quickly established.


How big are the homes?

The maximum size that can be sited on a licensed park is 65ft long (19.5m) and 23ft wide (6.9m).

Some homes are single units 10 or 12 feet (3m or 3.6 m) wide but most modern homes are now 20 feet (6m) wide.


Are park homes energy-efficient?

Park homes are very well-insulated and all manufacturers are constantly looking at materials and systems to ensure maximum eco-friendliness.


How long will they last?

Park homes built in the 1960s are still providing comfortable and secure living standards. Materials now in use should have a far longer life. All new homes purchased on one of our parks are built to meet or exceed BS3632 residential standards and come with a 10 year warranty.


Are they easy to look after?

All of our park homes are on one level. Window and door frames are in uPVC which requires an occasional wipe-down. Some exteriors are finished in roughcast paint and this may need re- coating about every three years; others have uPVC or similar very low maintenance products on the outside.


How much do they cost?

Prices vary according to the home’s size, quality of fittings and furnishings, type of park and location. Values move in line with the UK property market. Sited prices of new homes start at around £99,950, depending on size and location. We are happy to discuss costs with you.


Are there legal matters I should be aware of?

Park homes come under the Mobile Homes Act legislation. Residents enter into a ‘written agreement’ with the park owner which sets out the rights and obligations of residents and park owners. These guarantee security of tenure for life for residents, subject to certain conditions.


Can I use my Park Home as a second home?

No. The Park Home must be the primary residence.


Are there any conditions to moving onto a park?

All of our park home owners must be over 45 yrs in age. In addition to the Written Statement which goes with each home, there are local Council Site Licence conditions which govern the environment of the park, and a set of park rules which are appropriate to each park. These are available to view if you click the link on the individual park pages.


How do I know the pitch fee won’t rise unreasonably?

Your Agreement states the fee, which is reviewed every year to reflect the current inflationary rise in line with RPI. There may also be additional charges to cover park improvements, but home owners are always consulted and charges of this sort must generally be agreed by the majority of home owners on the park. Disagreements over pitch fees may be taken to the Residential Property Tribunal.


Why do Park Homes prices vary from park to park?

When you buy a Park Home you buy both your home and the right to place it on the park owner’s land. The value of this varies according to location and the local property market.


What does the park’s selling price include on a new home?

Skirting, steps, paths, sheds, connection fees to utility companies and landscaping are often included.


Can I sell my home?

You can sell your home on the open market. The park owner is entitled to commission (currently 10%) when the home is sold.


Can a Park Home be passed on in a Will?

It can be passed to a member of the home owner’s family. If it is left to a non-resident, they are entitled to sell the home.


What happens if things go wrong?

Country Parks Ltd has an effective complaints procedure. In the rare event that this does not resolve the problem, home owners have recourse to the free services of the Housing Ombudsman Service.